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I wish...

Seriously, every kid wants to grow up and be an astronaut. ┬áDid you ever hear a kid say, “I want to be an Ad Man and create brand champions”. ┬áLife happens, we find our calling and that’s what I have become, Jim Phillips… the champion of brands (not as cool as being an astronaut).


Rocket is an amazing story, beginning with only two people that set out to prove that great creative is not the exclusive domain of large advertising agencies. Rocket grew from humble beginnings to work for some of the largest brands in the world and we want to thank our vendors for delivering at the speed of business and the amazing clients we have served.


Client examples

The real deal

I’ve always believed if you work with great people, they lift up your game. No disrespect to those like the astronauts, gifted with the physical abilities to master flight and space. We master a different space, the gray matter that drives top-of-mind. I was lucky to have started my professional career perfecting talents in the visual arena of film, video, sight and sound. Today as never before, content is king and those that dare to fly above the rest, utilize powerful content to secure the market share they deserve. Speed is everything, you have to be nimble and fast in this new world where five stars is not just a rating, it is the determining factor that drives success.